We carry a wide range of fine new, used, and vintage instruments and bows from $250-$30,000+. In addition to violins, we also have excellent violas, cellos, guitars and basses currently in stock. Please call to inquire about our full inventory. Rare and exceptional instruments can be seen by advance appointment only.
We carry a line of quality rental instruments from 1/8-4/4, and also have quality fractional size instruments for sale (1/8-3/4).

We have some exciting instruments for sale! Here are just a few:

Selected Violins:

  • Ca. 1980 Helmut Lang Violin, simply beautiful
  • Frederick Rowe, 1932 (extremely appealing, rich and relaxed with a full volume)SOLD
  • Frank Richardson, 1885 (amazing!)
  • Unknown, probably French, ca 1880 (rich and brilliant solo instrument)
  • Unknown, probably Markneukirchen, ca 1880 (sweet and tender)
  • Max Dietrich, 1910, the "Peanut" cornerless violin (bold and unique)
  • Anton Olson, 1929, excellent condition
  • Modern Italian violin, Giovanni Lazzaro, 1995, The Diamante (Rich and soulful violin with great beauty of tone and form--outstanding!!) SOLD
  • Harry B Jay, 1905  (clear and precise) SOLD
  • Jacob Lundh, 1930 (dark, edgy, and full of character) SOLD
  • Ca. 1850 violin. unlabeled, probably French (excellent chamber instrument!) SOLD
  • Modern Italian violin, Laura Vigato 2011 (sweet and rich) SOLD
  • Modern Italian violin, copy of Ornati, attributed to Mario Gadda (powerful and beautiful solo instrument) SOLD
  • Johann Bader, 1908 (rich and powerful) SOLD

Violins range in price from $500 to $20,000+ - new and vintage.

Selected Bows:

  • F.N. Voirin cello bow (outstanding!) SOLD
  • Roger Zabinski (excellent modern bowmaker of incredible precision) violin, viola, cello
  • Roth workshop bow (ca. 1920s, immaculately restored, well balanced and smooth)
  • Hermann workshop bow (ca. 1920s, immaculately restored, nice precision and attack)
  • Emil Kuehnl bow (ca. 1920s, immaculately restored, warm and flexible)
  • John Clutterbuck (W.E. Hill maker) SOLD
  • Herman Prell (German 1920s) SOLD
  • Bausch silver-mounted German import bow (Ca. 1920s) SOLD
  • Schuster import bow (Ca. 1920s) SOLD



  • 1951 Gibson L5 Archtop, excellent condition
  • 1949 Gibson ES-350 Archtop Electric, excellent condition
  • 1959 Gibos ES-175 Archtop Electric, (Just in!!!)
  • 1960 J-45 Gibson, excellent restored condition SOLD
  • 1968 J-50 Gibson in excellent condition SOLD
  • 1960 Gibson ETG-150 Tenor Electric guitar SOLD
  • 1940s Gibson L7 SOLD
  • New arrivals! Sigma Acoustic from $299.99-$349.99 and Acoustic/Electric from $399.99-$449.99. Excellent starter to intermediate guitars.


  • 1899/1900 SS Stewart Special Thoroughbred open-back 5-string banjo SOLD